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3 Step to Make The Smartphone Faster (2019)


I will show you how you can make the smartphone faster by 3 steps (2019).

As we all know when we bought any device it works smooth but some time after its start lagging so I will say you how you can make the smartphone faster. I will describe all in 3 steps, to do this whole thing you will need less than 5 minutes to sit and read the whole article. Let’s start.

Step 1:

We all see our phone have some animations. But you know these animations make slow your phone? So let’s start fixing this issue. For that, you need to turn on your mobile ‘Developer Mode’.
Go to setting > Additional Settings > Developer Option
Then turn off all these animations
  • Window animation scale
  • Transition Animation Scale
  • Animator Duration Scale
3 Step to Make The Smartphone Faster (2019)
** If you are not able to see developer Option on your smartphone go to about phone and tap ‘baseband version’ 7 times then you will able to see Developer Option/Developer Settings

Step 2:

We all know we have many more 3rdparty apps which we use regularly like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger etc, But you know these apps need to update regularly? If you don’t up-to-date your apps it makes lags. So you need to update your phone all the apps.

How to update apps?

Go to ‘Play Store’ > Click On ‘My Apps & Games’ > Then Click On ‘Update All’.
3 Step to Make The Smartphone Faster (2019)

Step 3:

You and I all know any smartphone run on OS (Operation System) like Android, IOS etc. Do you know you need to update all this OS properly? Someone will say “Hey! Why we need to update it takes lots of Data”.
Yes you need to update and it takes large data sometimes but please update in the update you will see many performances boost. But in many of company don’t provide the proper update propper security patch which is the very bad thing. Now let’s know how you can update your phone or how you can know you have any update pending or not.
Go to ‘Settings’ > Click On ‘About Phone’ > Click On ‘System Update’ > If you have any update you will able to see where else you are up-to-date.
3 Step to Make The Smartphone Faster (2019)
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Follow this 3 Steps to make the smartphone faster. If you re getting any issue or you want to know about any other topics please mention in the comment section. Satay tuned on 4Phone.in for more updates.


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